Sunday, 1 December 2013

... and she writes

I read. I re-read. I am driven to distraction by what I am reading. It is time to stop harassing my loved ones with my rants and put them somewhere else.


  1. Do you speak Spanish? Mi English is very poor, but I love talking and writing about books.
    I've written some posts about books in my blog, like this one: or this other one:

  2. I don't speak Spanish! Your English is very good.

  3. Thanks!
    Do you belong to a book club?

  4. A couple of online ones. is a food bloggers bookclub, where all the books have a food focus and the Vaginal Fantasy bookclub is through Goodreads - it's genre (scifi/fantasy/historical) romances. I've been in a couple of real world book clubs but they've always fallen apart! What about you?

    1. I won't even look at the food bookclub, I'm on a diet. The Vaginal Fantasy bookclub sounds like fun.

      I've never been in a bookclub, they fall apart before we start reading.


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